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Detachol icon Detachol Overview

Save nursing time and avoid costly patient skin tears that can develop into hospital-acquired skin infections by implementing Detachol®, a liquid adhesive remover, into your dressing removal protocol.

Unlike alcohol-based adhesive removers, Detachol medical adhesive remover contains no harsh chemicals and will not degrade sterile gloves. It is gentle enough to use on all patient types including pediatric, geriatric and those with sensitive skin.

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Detachol icon Detachol Features

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Bring your dressing removal into the future.

Alcohol/Acetone Free

  • Non-drying
  • Non-irritating

Multiple Package Options

  • Single-use vials
  • 15mL bottle
  • 2oz bottle
  • 4oz bottle

Safe For All Patient Types

  • Geriatric
  • Pediatric
  • Sensitive skin

*Sterile Packaging

  • Available in single-use vials only

Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

Detachol icon Why Detachol


Avoid the physical, emotional and monetary costs that can result from preventable adhesive removal-related skin trauma and tears. Detachol won’t compromise the skin barrier.

HELP REDUCE RISK OF INFECTIONdetachol_adhesiveresidue

Skin tears and bacteria breeding in leftover adhesive residue can be potential sources of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).[1][2][3] Detachol completely removes residue in which bacteria can breed.

nurse_hosppatientsIMPROVE EFFICIENCY

Save nursing time by making dressing removal quick and painless. Usually one single-use vial is all that is needed to remove your average dressing. Detachol completely removes adhesive and its residue.

detachol_removeHELP EASE PAIN

Eliminate or reduce patient anxiety and pain during dressing removal. Detachol is safe to use on all skin types, including pediatric and geriatric patients.

[1]Berkowitz DM, Lee WS, Pazin GJ, Yee RB, Ho M. Appl Microbiol. 1974;28(4):651-654.
[2]Redelmeier DA, Livesley NJ. J Gen Intern Med. 1999;14(6):373-375.


Detachol icon Detachol Successes

“Detachol…has decreased skin tears and increased patient satisfaction.”

– Lori B, Pediatric CNS, Madison WI

“{Detachol}…provided sufficient quantity to remove a large hip dressing, left no residue on the skin and allowed for much more time efficient care…”

– Diane P, RN, WOCN, Aurora CO

“Detachol has made the removal of dressings very simple and much less painful. The way it is supplied allows for minimal waste and ease of application.”

– Deb H., RN, Portland OR

“We use Detachol all the time in Pediatrics and PICU…it does not burn and the tape slides right off…our patients love it because it doesn’t hurt.”

– Alix D., CNS, Pasadena CA

“Detachol works very well at releasing tapes and Tegaderm™. It is fast and effective.”

– Rachel K., RN, Madision WI

“Detachol is perfect for removing a days worth of sticky tape residue from IV sites and bandages…the adhesive just melts away.”

– Teri H., RN, Ogden UT

“Detachol is an excellent product that I’ve used throughout my career as a wound-ostomy nurse. It’s gentle with no offensive odor and can be used on a wide variety of patients”

– Susan M., RN, CWON  Boca Raton FL

Detachol icon Detachol Ordering Information

This page provides ordering information for medical facilities in the US, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. All others, please refer to our Global Partners map for ordering information.   If you are a distributor and interested in becoming a global partner, please let us know by submitting a Partner Request form.

If you are a patient wishing to order product for your personal use, please refer to our Consumer Store page.


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