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Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

Reduce the likelihood of dressing or device migration or accidental removal and minimize the risk of infection by creating a lasting occlusive dressing barrier by incorporating Mastisol, an adjunct liquid adhesive, into your dressing securement protocols.

Unlike tincture of benzoin, Mastisol liquid medical adhesive goes on clear, is non-staining and has a lower risk of adverse reactions (contact dermatitis).[1] Its non-water solubility means it will keep your dressings secure even in the moistest environments.

[1]Lesesne CB. The postoperative use of wound adhesives: gum mastic versus benzoin, USP.J Dermatol Surg Onc. 1992;18(11):990.

SecurAcath is a subcutaneous catheter securement system. The device utilizes a small anchor (securement feet) placed just beneath the skin at the catheter insertion site and attached to the catheter shaft.

SecurAcath offers a single application solution that stabilizes the catheter beneath the insertion site, throughout the entire catheter dwell time. This offers clinician confidence, ease and success for the needed care for venous catheters.

Detachol Adhesive Remover Product Family
Detachol Adhesive Remover

Save nursing time and avoid costly patient skin tears that can develop into hospital-acquired skin infections by implementing Detachol®, a liquid adhesive remover, into your dressing removal protocol.

Unlike alcohol-based adhesive removers, Detachol medical adhesive remover contains no harsh chemicals and will not degrade sterile gloves. It is gentle enough to use on all patient types including pediatric, geriatric and those with sensitive skin.


LMX4 Topical Anesthetic Cream

Patient satisfaction is an important component of pay for performance and a key determinate of quality of care. Patient expectations of care and psychosocial factors, such as pain and comfort, can impact patient satisfaction scores. Implementing LMX4 lidocaine cream into your pain protocol is a cost-effective topical anesthetic option to help reduce patient anxiety and pain.