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The Patient Safety Movement Mission

As a committed organization, Eloquest Healthcare will demonstrate alliance with the PSMF by the following:

  • Spreading the mission of reaching ZERO preventable patient harm and deaths across the globe by 2030 to Eloquest Healthcare members and network
  • Participating in the PSMF’s Actionable Patient Safety Solution’s (APSS) workgroups and helping to identify subject matter experts to contribute to the development of interested topics (i.e. device associated bloodstream infections, post-operative wound contamination)
  • Asking Eloquest Healthcare customers who are leaders working in the hospitals to implement APSS, or share their own successful processes, to eliminate preventable deaths. And, make their own commitments to action to the PSMF
  • Partnering on the PSMF’s APSS webinars around related patient safety topics of interest to Eloquest Healthcare

We at Eloquest Healthcare are excited to announce our commitment to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to reduce preventable death and improve patient safety. To learn more about the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, visit their website.

Text: Patient Safety Movement

Eloquest Healthcare is pleased to announce its support of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) and its mission to achieve ZERO preventable patient harm and death across the globe by 2030.

At Eloquest Healthcare we strive to provide solutions that augment Hospital Acquired Condition-prevention strategies to provide better outcomes, higher quality support, and lower cost of care.  Our mission is to passionately leverage every opportunity to provide our stakeholders with valued and trusted service, specialized products and expertise that engender compassionate care.

  • Unify the healthcare ecosystem (hospitals, healthcare technology companies, government agencies, policy makers, patient advocates, clinicians, engineers, payers, etc.)
  • Identify the challenges that are killing patients to create actionable solutions (Actionable Patient Safety Solutions)
  • Ask hospitals to implement Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS)
  • Ask healthcare technology companies to share the data their devices are purchased for in order to create a Patient Data Super Highway to help identify at-risk patients
  • Promote transparency and aligned incentives
  • Promote patient dignity and love
  • Educate providers, health professionals in training, patients, and families about patient safety