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Mastisol Liquid Adhesive

“With the use of Mastisol our central lines placed at the jugular site have remained intact longer than without using the product”

– Traci S., Infection Control Coordinator, Flint, MI

“We use Mastisol on children when it is difficult to keep their IV taped due to patient sweating or other reasons. Mastisol works well to keep the IV in place so that the children do not have to go through having IV access obtained again.”

– Shanna M., Registered Nurse, Augusta, GA

“Mastisol was the only product able to hold the [device] system on the patient…it was easy to use and did not burn or hurt the patient.”

– Diana B., RN, Falls Church, VA

“This product is really making a difference in patient care. The tape [used to secure the NG tube] kept sliding down the patient’s nose [due to their oily skin and] put the patient at risk of aspiration. When Mastisol was used…problem solved.”

– Lori M., RN, Dearborn, MI

“I have had numerous years of experience with Mastisol. It is easy to use and has superior adhesive qualities. I have never heard any complaints about the product, either from practitioners or patients.”

– Beverly B., Clinical Educator, Phoenix, AZ

Detachol Adhesive Remover

“Detachol Adhesive Remover has been impactful for nursing staff due to its ease of use and application in the pediatric critical care setting. This adhesive remover allows for safe and gentle removal of [transparent dressings] and various tapes used on our fragile patient population. Detachol Adhesive Remover is a superior product that I would highly recommend to any institution!”

– Denior B., BSN, RN, CCRN, Clinical Educator, Dallas, TX

“I’ve tried many adhesive remover products over the last decade. I believe Detachol is the best! I use this product as a standard with every central line dressing change. I know my patients appreciate it!”

– Sean L., Vascular Access Specialist, San Jose, CA

“We use Detachol all the time in Pediatrics and PICU…it does not burn and the tape slides right off…our patients love it because it doesn’t hurt.”

– Alix D., CNS, Pasadena CA

“Detachol has made the removal of dressings very simple and much less painful. The way it is supplied allows for minimal waste and ease of application.”

– Deb H., RN, Portland OR

“Detachol works very well at releasing tapes and [transparent dressings]. It is fast and effective.”

– Rachel K., RN, Madision WI

“Detachol is perfect for removing a days worth of sticky tape residue from IV sites and bandages…the adhesive just melts away.”

– Teri H., RN, Ogden UT

“Detachol is an excellent product that I’ve used throughout my career as a wound-ostomy nurse. It’s gentle with no offensive odor and can be used on a wide variety of patients”

– Susan M., RN, CWON  Boca Raton FL

“[Detachol]…provided sufficient quantity to remove a large hip dressing, left no residue on the skin and allowed for much more time efficient care…”

– Diane P, RN, WOCN, Aurora CO

“Detachol…has decreased skin tears and increased patient satisfaction.”

– Lori B, Pediatric CNS, Madison WI