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The United States (US) health care system is undergoing a significant shift from fee for service to pay for performance. Evidence-based decision making requires the health care
provider to consider the individual patient’s clinical circumstances and the state of the science to select the best choice. Evidence-based decision making for preventing hospital acquired infections and injury is complex and requires ongoing assessment of the state of the science and available evidence.These tools are designed to support your efforts to implement evidence-based practices and reduce HAI’s such as:

Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI)

Post-Operative Contamination Risk

Skin Tears

Dermal Pain

3 Important Scar Management Guidelines

You may remember in the last blog, the considerable number of surgeries performed annually in the US was presented (51.4 million)1, along with the lack of patient satisfaction of scarring after surgeries. Data reviewed revealed that there was a significant amount of patient dissatisfaction with scarring after routine surgeries. Statistics showed that 91% percent of…

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Practical Tips for Scar Reduction

Practical Tips for Scar Reduction According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 51.4 million surgeries performed in the US annually1, four million of which are open abdominal surgeries.2 Abdominal surgery skin closures are often performed using staples, which produce track marks and scarring. Without much data available regarding the…

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