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Mastisol icon Mastisol Overview

Reduce the likelihood of dressing or device migration or accidental removal and minimize the risk of infection by creating a lasting occlusive dressing barrier by incorporating Mastisol, an adjunct liquid adhesive, into your dressing securement protocols.

Unlike tincture of benzoin, Mastisol liquid medical adhesive goes on clear, is non-staining and has a lower risk of adverse reactions (contact dermatitis).[1] Its non-water solubility means it will keep your dressings secure even in the moistest environments.

[1]Lesesne CB. The postoperative use of wound adhesives: gum mastic versus benzoin, USP.J Dermatol Surg Onc. 1992;18(11):990.
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Mastisol icon Mastisol Features


Improve your dressing performance.

CHG Compatible

Clear, Non-Staining

Non-Water Soluble Skin Barrier

Mild Scent

Multiple Package Options

  • Single-use vials
  • 15mL bottle
  • 15mL spray
  • 2oz bottle

*Sterile Packaging

  • Available in single-use vials only

Mastisol icon Why Mastisol

mastisol_pretreatASSURE ADHERENCE

Mastisol ensures the adhesive performance of a variety of occlusive dressings and devices, even in moist areas.

Mastisol is non-water soluble and compatible with CHG. (data on file)


Mastisol reinforces the dressing barrier and/or prevents catheter movement to minimize the risk of infection.[2]


Reduce nursing intervention of having to replace dressings and devices that don’t stay on.

Mastisol provides long lasting adhesive power.

loose_dressingREDUCE COSTS

Save costs by reducing multiple dressing displacements or device dislodgements.

Mastisol shows superior adhesion when compared to benzoin.[3]

[1]Patel N. The influence of tape type and of skin preparation on the force required to dislodge angiocatheters. Can J Anaesth. 1994;41:8:738-741
[2]Timsit J. et al. Dressing disruption is a major risk factor for catheter-related infections. Crit Care Med. 2012;40(6):1701-1714.
[3]Lesesne CB. The postoperative use of wound adhesives: gum mastic versus benzoin, USP.J Dermatol Surg Onc. 1992;18(11):990.


Mastisol icon Mastisol Successes

“Mastisol was the only product able to hold the {device} system on the patient…it was easy to use and did not burn or hurt the patient.”

– Diana B., RN, Falls Church VA

“This product is really making a difference in patient care. The tape {used to secure the NG tube} kept sliding down the patient’s nose {due to their oily skin and} put the patient at risk of aspiration. When Mastisol was used…problem solved.”

– Lori M., RN, Dearborn MI

“I have had numerous years of experience with Mastisol. It is easy to use and has superior adhesive qualities. I have never heard any complaints about the product, either from practitioners or patients.”

– Beverly B., Clinical Educator, Phoenix, AZ


Mastisol icon Mastisol Ordering Information

This page provides ordering information for medical facilities in the US, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. All others, please refer to our Global Partners map for ordering information.   If you are a distributor and interested in becoming a global partner, please let us know by submitting a Partner Request form.

If you are a patient wishing to order product for your personal use, please refer to our Consumer Store page.


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