Infection Prevention Resources

CDC Preventing Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC twenty four seven. Saving Lives, Protecting People

“Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a threat to patient safety. CDC provides national leadership in surveillance, outbreak investigations, laboratory research, and prevention of healthcare-associated infections. CDC uses knowledge gained through these activities to detect infections and develop new strategies to prevent healthcare-associated infections. Public health action by CDC and other healthcare partners has led to improvements in clinical practice, medical procedures, and the ongoing development of evidence-based infection control guidance and prevention successes.”

CLABSI Prevention Resource Library

The Joint Commission

“The Joint Commission, Joint Commission Resources (JCR), and Joint Commission International (JCI) have developed a toolkit to supplement the monograph entitled Preventing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections – A Global Challenge, A Global Perspective aimed at reducing CLABSIs in the domestic and international arenas.”

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – Reducing CLABSI Toolkit

AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

“The Toolkit for Reducing Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI) can help your unit implement evidence-based practices to reduce and, in many cases, eliminate CLABSI.”

ACA | The True Cost of Care

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created a national quality strategy for the triple aim of better care, healthy people and communities, and affordable care. It also initiated a significant transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.

The ACA established 3 important INITIATIVES to improve care:

  1. Value-Based Purchasing Program (VBP)
  2. Readmissions Reduction Program
  3. Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC) Reduction Program

Download our educational brochure on the Affordable Care Act and the true transparency of the cost of care here.

7S Bundle | Surgical Infection Prevention

One emerging trend in SSI prevention is that of the progressive “7 S Bundle” created by Maureen Spencer, RN, BSN, MEd, CIC, FAPIC and Infection Prevention Consultant. The approach is based on a “Fishbone Diagram,” which identifies the potential risk factors of SSI. The 7 S Bundle methodology to prevent SSIs is based on personal experience and evidenced-based practice and features a variety of unique and innovative infection prevention options. Visit for more information.

The steps outlined are meant to be considered when investigating and evaluating your institution’s surgical site infections and prevention program.

Within these steps, there are several innovative products that feature CHG technology across the post-operative continuum of care, including:

  • Skin preparation
  • Surgical irrigant solutions
  • Antimicrobial sutures
  • Antimicrobial dressings

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