Mastisol Cost/Benefit Analysis Report

Adding Mastisol to your dressing protocol can make a big difference. Enter data from your hospital to see how these savings stack up for your facility.

Things you will need:

  • Facility’s annual number of CVC dressing change kits applied
  • Estimated % of how Mastisol may reduce the unplanned dressing changes in your facility
  • If known
    • Current CVC dressing replacement rate


Reliafit Cost/Benefit Analysis Report

Tell us about your facility and we will show you how your costs and risk of infection may be reduced with ReliaFit.

Things you will need:

  • Annual number of catheter days
  • Cost of materials for indwelling catheterization
  • If known
    • Rate of CAUTIs/1,000 catheter days
    • Avg treatment costs/CAUTI
    • Avg cost of 1 incremental LOS day
    • Avg # of incremental LOS days per patient due to CAUTI
    • Estimated % of indwelling catheters for male patients for whom ReliaFit is an appropriate alternative